1-10-2021 – Maria Girgis and Timo Bijnsdorp


What are ceramics?

The term ‘ceramics’ is traditionally used for all objects made of fired clay. The term ceramic comes from the Greek word ‘Keramos’, which means clay, potter’s clay or ‘work made from earth’. The discovery of how to make a bowl-shaped object from clay dates back to the earliest times of mankind. It was discovered, for example, that after drying in the sun, clay is suitable for scooping up water, which makes it easier to drink, rather than having to lick or slurp it up from a puddle, lake or river. The breakthrough came when, probably by accident, pottery was discovered. The extraction of these raw materials is done very carefully, with respect for flora and fauna. After being excavated, the clay extraction areas are given a new purpose, often as nature reserves.

Clay, after being worked, moulded and dried, is fired into a stone-like material: ceramics. We use clay as the basis for various ceramic products for fish, reptiles and rodents.



Products we make

Our decorations are handmade from ceramic and are 100% safe for humans, animals and nature. Our ceramic products are unique due to their durable character. In addition, the products are colourfast, free of harmful substances and have a low environmental impact due to their long service life.

Because the ceramic is porous, it absorbs moisture and heat, making it perfect for use as a moist cave or as a heat cave. In addition to being widely used in aquariums, they can also be used very well in terrariums or in rodent enclosures.









The decoration has a natural look and offers a perfect hiding place for fish, reptiles and rodents. All decorations are easy to clean and long-lasting because the colour is baked into the clay. And the plants also adhere well to the ceramic. In short, a sustainable product in all respects.

Iglu Multicolour


The Igloos are perfect for aquariums, terrariums and rodents.

The colour of the Igloo is baked into the clay, so the colour will not fade like painted aquarium decoration.




The pyramids are ceramic shrimp towers that are perfect for use as a hideout or breeding ground for your shrimp.

The pyramids are ideal for use as shelters and decorations.

In addition to our pyramids, we also offer a wide range of other decorations, shelters, back walls, humid caves, waterfalls, natural products, etc.

See our other products at www.ceramicnature.com



Our products are tested and made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and safety.