Who is Nickey?

Nickey is a well-known Youtuber who makes videos about aquariums. In her YouTube videos, she talks about maintenance, fish, aquarium plants, technique, money-saving tips, and much more!

She takes you into her hobby through vlogs and live streams, where she visits different exhibitions. She likes many species of fish but if she had to choose she would go for the wild-caught discus.

Collaboration with CeramicNature

Nickey visited our warehouse and production area in April to record videos. ”It was a hugely educational and enjoyable day” -Nickey.

A few of those videos are already online, namely: “A behind the scenes tour at CeramicNature”. ”A vlog of the day” and a video that she found a bit more difficult herself: ”An instructional video about the Slimline back walls.” , ”We really made so many takes for that video! But it was worth it because the video turned out really well.” -Nickey

Products CeramicNature

At first, Nickey did not know what to expect, she did know CeramicNature, but a look inside the company gives her a better idea. ”I had not expected that a large part is made by hand, seeing the whole process and then the final result makes it very special”- Nickey

Her favorite product is the slimline back wall, which she also uses herself.

Vlog Nickey and CeramicNature

We are very happy with our collaboration with Nickey. We are looking forward to making more videos together. Check out her YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe!