Since 2018 J & K Aquatics is an official distribution partner of CeramicNature. Together with J&K Aquatics, we have put together a special assortment which is perfect for the United Kingdom. This range includes ceramic breeding caves, ceramic decorations, shelters, decorative rocks, and stones. You can find our complete range on the products page.

About J&K:

J&K Aquatics was formed in 1984, by Paul and Judy James, initially as a part time venture. Over the intervening years they have built the company into one of the UK’s largest wholesalers of aquatic dry goods and fish, serving the whole of the UK and RoI.

At J&K Aquatics we aim to provide a complete aquatic service, enabling us to offer our customers access to a comprehensive selection of core brands and commodity items covered by our Betta range, as well as specialist lines imported from around the world. We have created a one-stop shop for all your aquatic needs as we also offer quality fish and plants to save you time when ordering. All of this is backed up by our competitive pricing and the highest standards of service and support.

Having had a retail store right from the beginning, we are fully aware of the issues facing our customers and have for many years supported the genuine retailer – a bricks and mortar shop, which sells livestock.

Our purpose built Distribution Centre allows us to hold a large amount of stock and we invest in technology to improve our service. Our logistics and processes are more streamlined, we can get products onto the shelves in your store faster than ever before and our system ensures that we offer a reliable supply and an accurate service.


The website enables you to easily browse our entire range and can act as a catalog for you to show your customers the items that are available to them. The well-established site makes the ordering process quick, saving you time so you can get back to what is important – your customers. The J&K app enables you to add items to your shopping basket throughout the week on your smartphone or tablet & check out on there or on your desktop computer.

Alongside our vast range of tropical species we now wholesale a range of marine fish from our designated marine room. Our coldwater offering is also expanding and we have invested in new facilities to develop this area. A real focus has been put on finding exciting species that will provide a real draw to get customers through your doors.