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20x25cm, 30x35cm, 50x30cm, 60x30cm, 80x40cm, 100x50cm, 120x60cm, 150x50cm in 2 pcs

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Back wall Thin grey, perfect for aquariums and terrariums.

The CeramicNature Thin back walls have a beautiful natural appearance. The CeramicNature Thin backwalls are the ideal backwalls for the aquarium and terrarium. They have a polyester base with a hard top layer of special and unique mineral resins. This makes the top layer rock-hard and the back wall safe for animals, people and nature.

The material is heavier than water, which means that the back walls can also be placed loose in the aquarium. This is also another advantage: the back walls can be easily removed again when cleaning the aquarium, for example.

Of course, you can also glue the back walls into the aquarium or terrarium.


The Thin back walls are coloured by hand using the airbrush technique. This means that no two back walls are identical. Each back wall is therefore unique in its own right.

CeramicNature Thin

The decorative CeramicNature backwalls Thin Grey are only 2-3cm deep (at the deepest point) and, with their special structure, enhance the perfect depth of the aquarium. The CeramicNature backwalls belong to the highest segment of Thin backwalls and are of a comparable quality to Back to Nature and RockZolid. The advantage of CeramicNature backwalls is that they are cheaper, thinner and easier to install. The CeramicNature backwalls do not need to be treated with Epoxy, so they can be placed in the aquarium immediately after receipt. The backgrounds have a perfect depth effect and fit well in aquariums with a minimum depth of 15-25cm.


The dimensions given are those of the aquarium into which the back walls fit. In reality, the back wall is always slightly smaller, so that it fits perfectly into the aquarium.

This takes account of the thickness of the glass in the aquarium. Mesh is attached to the sides of our back walls. These are used to fill any gaps that may exist between the back wall and the side panes. The gauze can easily be folded back between the back wall and the side glass. This application allows water to flow through behind the wall but prevents the fish from getting behind it.


Back walls that are supplied in 2 or more parts are easy to assemble by means of pre-mounted connection blocks which are, of course, included in the delivery. Because of this fastening method, the separate parts fit together perfectly and the seam between the separate parts is minimal.

Connecting backgrounds - CeramicNature

Processing the CeramicNature Thin back walls is very easy with a grinder, Dremel or a saw. When sawing, it is important that the back wall lies flat on the front and that you saw horizontally over the back. The easiest way is to use a Dremel or a grinder.


Tip: Combine the CeramicNature backgrounds with the Rock, Stone, Root or other modules for an even more realistic effect.


CeramicNature’s products are durable and have a colourfast layer of a very high quality. For this reason they do not need a toxic epoxy layer to prevent discolouration.


The available sizes are:

  • 60×30 (57,5×26,5cm) 1 volume
  • 80×40 (77,5x36cm) 1 volume
  • 100×50 (96,5x46cm) 1 volume
  • 120×60 (116x54cm) 1 volume
  • 150×50 (146x46cm) 2 volumes


Be careful when using Ozone! Depending on the concentration and duration of use, this can damage the CeramicNature products.



Looking for something special? Check our customisation page for more information.

Apart from the Thin back walls, CeramicNature also supplies custom made back walls. These can be ordered up to a maximum width of 1100cm and a height of 600cm. CeramicNature can also incorporate corners, bends, overflows, lead-throughs, etc. in these walls.

Ask your nearest CeramicNature partner about the possibilities or contact CeramicNature.


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