Half-log Mixcolour

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The Half-Logs Mixcolour are available in 5 sizes.


Half-Log Xsmall: 13x8x5cm.
Half-Log Small: 16x10x6cm.
Half-Log Medium: 18x10x6cm.
Half-Log Large: 23x12x8cm.
Half-Log XLarge: 31x14x10cm.
The half-logs are handmade in the Netherlands from natural clay. All the products of CeramicNature are safe for humans, animals and nature. The colour of the half-logs is baked into the clay, so the colour will not fade like painted aquarium decoration.


The half-logs mixcolour are ideal for use as hiding places and for decoration. You can also stick mosses and plants on the half-logs to make it even more natural. Plants attach themselves well to the ceramic. Furthermore, the ceramic decorations last extremely long. In short, a sustainable product in all respects. The products of CeramicNature are developed with a heart for nature and for the animals.


Besides the fact that the half-logs are perfect for aquariums, you can also use them for reptiles and rodents.

Because the ceramic is porous, it absorbs moisture and heat which makes it perfect to use as a moist cave or as a heat cave. Reptiles love it. With rodents such as hamsters, mice, rats, etc. these decorations also work perfectly. The half-logs absorb the animal’s warmth, which is ideal during the colder winter months.


In addition to our half-logs, we also offer a wide range of other decorations, hideaways, back walls, moist caves, waterfalls, nature products, etc. Please take a look at our other products at www.ceramicnature.com or at one of our partners:


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