Kam rocks

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The CeramicNature comb rocks have a beautiful natural look. The rock modules are perfect to use in the aquarium and terrarium. The rocks have a polyester base with a hard top layer of special and unique mineral resins. This makes the top layer rock hard and the modules are safe for animals, people and nature.

The material is heavier than water, so that the modules can be placed loose. This is also another advantage: the rocks can be easily removed again when cleaning the aquarium, for example.

Of course, the rocks can also be glued into the aquarium or terrarium. It is also possible to attach the Kam rocks upside down to the top of the aquarium.


The large rocks are coloured by hand using the airbrush technique. Because of this, no two rocks are identical.

The dimensions are:

Comb 01 grey or brown: 65x34x17cm

Comb 02: grey or brown: 68x37x27cm

Comb 03: grey or brown: 66x43x25cm


Click here for a video with more information about Kam rocks!


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