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Calvus caves

Calvus caves

The calvus caves are available in 2 sizes. Calvus cave

Greenpleco plushes - Green Phantom

Green Phantom plush

Dimensions of the Green Phantom pleco plush toy are: 30x18x15cm

Slate hotel round

The slate hotel round is available in 1 size: Slate

Zebra pleco XXL - Greenpleco

Zebra pleco plush L46 XXL 65cm

Dimensions of the Greenpleco Zebra pleco XXL hug are: 50x20x25cm

ZH-2000 ZissAqua

Thermometer spare part ZH-2000

Reserve component ZH-2000. Thermometer

ZBS-150 44053

ZBS-150 moving bed filter

The ZBS-150 is an air-powered aquarium filter that provides clean,

Longfin pleco Greenpleco

Longfin pleco plush

Dimensions of the Longfin pleco plush toy are: 30x18x15cm

Calvus cave stone

Calvus stone caves

The calvus stone caves are available in 2 sizes. Calvus

Fish shelter XS

Fish shelter Xs brown

Fish shelter Xs brown is the ideal hiding place in

Blue betta plush

Blue betta plush

Dimensions of the blue betta cuddly toy are: 17x7x14cm

Snail plush

Snail plush

Dimensions of the snail hug are: 19x12x9cm

Slate hotel L-shape

Slate hotel L-shape: 20x36x9cm  

Ceramic Half-Barrel


The Half-Barrels are available in 3 sizes. Half-Log Xsmall: 13x8x5cm.

Red tail shark plush

Dimensions of the Red tail shark plush are: 20x8x10cm

CeramicNature Catappa leaves 10x

Catappa leaves XL big bag 200pcs

Size Catappa XL leaves: 21-40cm

Plant bridge

Plant bridge Small

The plant bridge small is ideal for sticking your plants

Rainbow shark plush

Dimensions of the Greenpleco Rainbow shark plush are: 20x8x10cm

Root KH-49


Wholesaler of unique aquarium products – CeramicNature

CeramicNature is specialized in developing and manufacturing lifelike aquarium decoration. We also supply other unique aquarium products such as the entire range of Ziss Aqua.

In addition to our standard range, we also make custom-made products. We can make our backgrounds in any requested size.

Our production room , office and storage are located in IJmuiden in the Netherlands. From here we distribute our products worldwide.

We supply directly to stores, chains and in Denmark and Great Britain we use wholesalers. Akudim distributes our products in Denmark and J&K Aquatics and Monkfield Nutrition distribute our products in Great Britain.

It is of great importance to us, together with our partners, to get the most out of our products and services. That is why tips and ideas are welcome at all times.

“You can’t accomplish it all on you’re own, you have to do it together”