1-10-2021 – Maria Girgis and Timo Bijnsdorp


The Shrimpstick lolly’s have a layer of food consisting of different flavours, of which 4 can be sorted. For example, algae with vegetables, spinach, bee pollen or minerals. The layer of food helps your shrimp in many was.

Algae with vegetables

Each flavour has different qualities. The ones made from algae with vegetables are rich in minerals which make a good snack for your shrimp. Besides that, they help to promote growth, colour and breeding. This lollipops are made from 100% vegetable ingredients on a skewer.


The spinach ones encourage the growth and colour of the shrimp. In addition, spinach is rich in silicates which provide good support for the molt of your shrimp. Besides that, they are rich in minerales that make it a good snack for your shrimp, supporting growth, colour, breeding and molt in a natural way. This lolly’s are also made from 100% vegetable ingredientes on a skewer.

Bee pollen

On the other hand, those made from bee pollen are rich in protein and amino acids. This helps the shrimp to have a good structure and thus helps them to grow. Bee pollen is also rich in various yeasts, which promote the absorption of nutrients in the intestinal tract. Likewise, this shrimpsticks are 100% natural and vegetable-based.


And finally those with minerals. The minerals used for this shrimpstick are 100% pure and natural. By taking in small quantities of minerals, shrimps are supported in their molt and a strong armour is built up. Moreover, minerals and trace elements provide optimal support for the colouring in the armour of shrimp by strengthening the creation of more pigment at an early stage. Certainly thesehese sticks also purify the aquarium water. And also, the minerals cause a reduction is waste substances. All in all, the shrimp lollipop mineral a healthy and useful snack for your shrimp. Will other water values such as gH, kH and pH not change.


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