8-9-2021 – Maria Girgis and Timo Bijnsdorp
Who is Greenpleco?

GreenPleco is an online store that sell collectible fish plush.


How it all started

The story of the fish-shaped cuddly toys begins with Milton and his best friend. Milton’s best friend had an aquarium at home because his dad was a fish lover and Milton fell in love with the plecostomus fish. He loved it so much that he wanted a stuffed animal that looked like it. Thinking that someone had already thought of this idea he got disappointed to find out that he couldn’t get a stuffed fish but he could just get a real one. After a few years and thanks to the internet he created a prototype of a stuffed plecostomus and people loved it so much that they also wanted a stuffed fish. That’s when he started to make them for all the people that love fish.

Partnership with CeramicNature

Since March 2018 CeramicNature is the official distributor of the Greenpleco soft toys.

Meanwhile we have already added 21 different kinds of soft toys to our assortment. The Greenpleco soft toys are available is different types and sizes. The Greenpleco cuddly toys are perfect for the real enthusiast and of course for children. Suitable as decoration on the window, aquarium, in the car and even in bed!

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