The story of Ceramic Nature starts with a hobby that got out of hand, with a small tropical aquarium of 60 litres which turned into 30 large aquaria intended for nursing L-numbers.
CeramicNature team
CeramicNature team

After years of nursing various tropical fish, we started a webshop for ceramic caves for laying eggs. After doing this for a number of years, Ceramic Nature was founded at the end of 2016.

We saw an opportunity on the market for our realistic ceramic decoration, and this provided the company name, Ceramic Nature. Our goal is to supply our partners worldwide with the highest quality of the realistic decoration.

Besides supplying high-quality products, it is very important to us to support our partners with the best possible service. As a team, we are at your service 5 days a week, listen to your wishes, and give our partners the tools to sell our products successfully. Making our partners succeed is our priority.

Meanwhile, Ceramic Nature has a large assortment of decorations, backgrounds, nature products, and nutrients for aquaria, terraria, and small rodents.

In the meantime, we have also started creating custom products for our products. The best example are our custom 3D aquarium backgrounds.

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Our team

Our team is happy to introduce itself to you


Hello, my name is Timo and I am the owner of CeramicNature. My hobbies are golfing and learning new things. My favorite animals are the l-numbers.


My name is Bonny and I am head responsible for production. Together with my team of ceramists we make the ceramic decorations. In my spare time I like to look at Pinterest for interior inspiration. Besides that I box and work out. But my greatest passion is my cats, they are my favorite animal.


Production Manager


I am Carolien and I am on-call. Because of the workload I am regularly asked to help with the production, which I enjoy as a variation on my own job. In my spare time I like to play tennis and games on my tablet. My favorite animal is the cat.


My name is Sanne and I am one of the ceramicists on the team. In my spare time I shop a little too much and I regularly mess around with paint. Furthermore, I love my red cat Kareltje, the cat is therefore my favorite animal.


My name is Arthur, I collect and pack the orders at CeramicNature. My hobbies are soccer and mainly watching Netflix. My favorite animal is the cat.


Hi, I'm Jesper and I'm involved in production. My hobbies are tennis and hockey. My favourite animal is the capybara.


My name is Maria, I am the Marketing Manager. My hobbies are listening to music and playing sports. My favourite animal is the penguin.


I am Debbie, and I work here in production ceramics. My hobbies are going out into nature. Walking together with my favourite animals, which are my dogs.


Hello my name is Bianca, I am usually busy with stickering and wrapping. My hobbies are puzzles and crocheting. My favourite animals are cats (I even have 3) and fish.


I'm Scott, I usually work in the warehouse and love to eat.


I'm Bink, and I'm the best and sweetest fluffy fellow around.

Our vision


Personal contact:

Personal contact, availability, and flexibilities are core words which distinguish us and guarantee agreeable cooperation.

Unique assortment

CeramicNature guarantees exclusive products of the highest quality.

Customised work

Besides our standard products, we also provide customized work. Does your customer prefer a larger back panel, or do you have an idea for a new product? Let us know and we will get to work for you!

Agreeable cooperation

CeramicNature stands for quick service, personal contact, and tailored support.

Service to our partners is our top priority. Every working day, we are at your service and strive to answer all your questions within 1 working day. It is also possible to contact us via WhatsApp, even outside opening times.

Because our service goes beyond the usual, we also offer various supporting services, such as product presentations, printing, staff training, to ready-made product descriptions in Dutch and English for your website.

We stand for a customer-oriented approach and support your employees and our customers with our proven sales stimulating formula.

You can rightfully say that CeramicNature is a reliable partner and an asset to your company!

Together forward

We achieve optimal results by cooperating.

Complete service to our partners and the craftsmanship of our products are a key priority to us. We strive for constructive cooperation with our partners.

The success of our partners is also our success!


Besides supplying quality products, we are also focused on the environment and working sustainably.

For our packaging materials, we cooperate with local companies, of which we reuse all old and surplus packaging materials. Almost 90% of our cargo boxes are recycled.

We also have 95% of our products made in Europe. We do this not only to be able to guarantee quality but also because it generates a CO2 saving of up to 60% on transport.

We are Ceramic Nature

Complete service to our partners and the craftsmanship of our products are a key priority to us. We strive for a constructive cooperation with our partners.

The success of our partners is also our success!