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Crystal red shrimp plush

Betta fish plush

Zebra pleco plush

Royal pleco plush

Sunshine pleco plush

Goldfish plush

Frontosa cichlid plush

Marble pleco plush

Greenpleco Red betta plush

Red betta plush

Afmetingen van de red betta knuffel zijn: 17x7x14cm

Emperor pleco plush

Clown loach plush

Afmetingen van de Clown Loach knuffel zijn: 20x8x10cm

Greenpleco Sapphire plushies

Sapphire pleco plush

Afmetingen van de Sapphire pleco knuffel zijn: 30x18x15cm

Sterbai corydoras plush

Metae corydoras plush

Greenpleco knuffels - Blue Phantom

Blue Phantom plush

Afmetingen van de Blue Phantom pleco knuffel zijn: 30x18x15cm

Greenpleco Crimson pleco plush

Crimson pleco plush

Afmetingen van de Crimson pleco knuffel zijn: 30x18x15cm

Greenpleco knuffels - Green Phantom

Green Phantom plush

Afmetingen van de Green Phantom pleco knuffel zijn: 30x18x15cm

Zebra pleco XXL - Greenpleco

Zebra pleco plush L46 XXL 65cm

Dimensions of the Greenpleco Zebra pleco XXL hug are: 50x20x25cm

Plush products

We are the official distributor of the Greenpleco plush products in Europe. Pleco’s crystal red shrimp, bettas, cichlids and more! Delivered within 48 hours. The wholesaler for unique aquarium products.

In addition to our great assortment it is of great importance to us, together with our partners, to get the most out of our products and services. That is why tips and new ideas are welcome at all times.

We supply our products for breeding equipment directly to stores, chains and in Denmark and Great Britain we use wholesalers. Akudim distributes our products in Denmark and J&K Aquatics and Monkfield Nutrition distribute our products in Great Britain.

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