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Leisteen hotel rond

Slate hotel round

The slate hotel round is available in 1 size: Slate

Terrarium bowl XXL

XXL decorative terrarium bowls. These large water bowls are perfect

ZAD-10 ZissAqua

ZAD-10 air stone 2x

ZAD-10 airstones 2x Material : PC + PP Size :


Terrace cliff grey

CeramicNature handcrafts various terrace gray in 3 sizes. Grey Terrace

Sponge ZB-200 & ZB-300

Sponge ZB-200 & ZB-300 series

The replacement sponges for the ZB-200, ZB-300, ZB-200F and ZB-300F


Discus Cone Red

CeramicNature crafts the discus cone by hand in 1 size


ZH-EL verlengstuk voor de ZH-2000

ZH-EL Extension leg for ZH-2000  De ZH-EL extension leg is

Barrel Small

Barrel Small

The Barrel is available in 1 size. Barrel Small: 15x6cm.

Tetra plush

Tetra plush

Dimensions of the Tetra plush are: 20x12x12cm

Sunset angel plush

Sunset angel plush

Dimensions of the Sunset angel plush are: 12x7x20cm

Rainbow shark plush

Dimensions of the Greenpleco Rainbow shark plush are: 20x8x10cm

Gourami plush

Gourami plush

Dimensions of the Angel zebra plush are: 12x7x20cm

Famous pleco plush

Famous pleco plush

Dimensions of the famous pleco plush are: 30x18x15cm

Sale! Display EN Nature4Pets

Display Nature4Pets

Free display with explanations for the natural products. Available in

Oscar Small Yellow plush

Oscar small yellow plush

Dimensions of the Oscar small yellow plush are: 30x18x15cm

Coral beauty plush

Coral beauty plush

Dimensions of the Coral beauty plush are: 17x7x14cm

Partner sticker

Partner sticker 1x

Oscar small red plush

Oscar small red plush

Dimensions of the Oscar small red plush are: 30x18x15cm