How did VM Aquatics originate

The company started selling a few items on eBay at the end of last year. The website was launched in May this year. The owner of VM Aquatics has his own fish room where he breeds a wide variety of fish species. This gives him the opportunity to test a wide range of products and find out what the average hobbyist needs.


They trade in a market dominated by large companies such as Amazon. They stand out from the others because they can offer a more personal service and give their customers advice that Amazon simply cannot provide.

In the short time they have been trading, they have gained a large number of loyal customers and so far have received good reviews.

”We believe this is due to our focus on customer service and only offering high-quality products”.

VM Aquatics Values

VM Aquatics are hobbyists, which means they really understand what the average hobbyist wants.

Here are the main points they stand for as a company:

  • Leading after-sales support.
  • They handle all warranty issues, they do not expect you to negotiate directly with the manufacturers when there is a problem.
  • Free advice, regardless of whether you order from them or not.
  • 30-day return policy.
  • A quick response to your questions or concerns.
  • They only sell products that they have personally tried and tested.

”We strive to build a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and accessibility. We hope this will be reflected in the service we provide to you.”


For more information, please visit the VM Aquatics website: