Jack fruit leaves

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Jack fruit leaves Size 12-19cm


Jack fruit leaves are a natural food source for shrimp, crayfish, snails and L numbers.


Leaves are part of the natural habitat and Jack fruit leaves provide a good biofilm (a layer of microorganisms), are slightly PH lowering and stress reducing. Multiple leaves quickly give a tropical impression and a nice place for fish to hide and look for food. Combine it with our decorations such as logs, catfish caves or horseheads and you can be sure they have enough places to retreat.

✓ Stress relieving

✓ Supports the biofilm

✓ Slightly lowers the PH level


We recommend rinsing the leaves well before use and boiling them briefly (5 to 15 minutes). This will cause the leaves to sink faster. Add 2 to 3 leaves per 40 liters of aquarium water. The leaves give a brown tint to the water and last a long time (about two months).


Jackfruit leaves come from the Artocarpus heterophyllus is a tropical tree native to parts of Southeast Asia.



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