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Slate hotel angle right

Slate hotel angle right: – Slate hotel angle right single:

Slate hotel angle left

Slate hotels angle left: – Hotels angle left single: 14,5x24x4cm

Slate streets round

Slate streets round: Street single round:18x22x4cm Street double round: 18,5x30x8cm

Slate hotel round

Slate hotel round: 24x40x9,5cm

Slate hotel L-shape

Slate hotel L-shape: 20x36x9cm  

Slate street double

Leisteen straten recht

De leisteen straten recht zijn verkrijgbaar in 3 maten. Leisteen

Slate hotels

The highest quality slate hotels for the aquarium and terrarium – Handmade in the Netherlands – Worldwide distribution – Available in more than 250 partner shops all over the world.
We offer a complete range of slate hotels in different sizes.
Our slate hotels are made by hand in our production center in IJmuiden, located in the Netherlands.
The slate hotels are originally intended for L numbers but our caves are also very suitable for other catfish, shrimp, lobsters, botias, cichlids, various reptiles and small rodents.
The slate we use has been tested very well in advance and has been found safe for humans, animals and nature.
It is of great importance to us, together with our partners, to get the most out of our products and services. That is why tips and ideas are welcome at all times.
We supply our products for breeding equipment directly to stores, chains and in Denmark and Great Britain we use wholesalers. Akudim distributes our products in Denmark and J&K Aquatics and Monkfield Nutrition distribute our products in Great Britain.
Are you a private person? Please take a look at our store locator to find a store in your area.

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