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Caves round

We supply the round caves in 4 different sizes and



Catfish caves

The catfish caves are available in 4 sizes.  Catfish cave

Caves medium D

Specialized in supplying handmade caves for aquariums. Suitable for plecos


Turtle caves

CeramicNature Breeding caves

Caves rectangle

We supply rectangular caves in 3 different sizes and 2

Caves triangle

Specialized in supplying handmade caves for every aquarium and terrarium.

CeramicNature cavity stones XS/S/M

Cavity stones

The cavity stones are available in 3 sizes.  Cavity stone Xsmall:

iglu XS/


Horse heads

The Horse heads are available in 5 sizes. * Horse head

Leghol XXLarge

Caves XXLarge

Specialized in handmade pleco caves for aquariums and tropical fish.

CeramicNature Fossil stone brown 1

Fossil stone brown

CeramicNature Fossil stone

Fossil stone white

Tree stump shelter

Tree Stump

CeramicNature Y/log M


The Y-logs are available in 2 sizes: Y-log S: 15x22x5,5cm

Log with boughs


Wholesaler in unique terrarium decoration – CeramicNature
We supply our terrarium decoration directly to stores, chains and in Denmark and Great Britain we use wholesalers. Akudim distributes our products in Denmark and J&K Aquatics and Monkfield Nutrition distribute our products in Great Britain.
Are you a private person? Please take a look at our store locator to find a store in your area.

CeramicNature is specialized in developing and producing unique terrarium decoration. We also supply other terrarium products.
In addition to our standard range, we also make custom-made products. In this way we can develop our terrarium decoration on request of the customer. Furthermore we can also made our terrarium backgrounds in any requested size.
We can also supply our rear walls in any desired size. Our production room, office and storage are located in IJmuiden in the Netherlands. From here we distribute our products worldwide.
It is of great importance to us, together with our partners, to get the most out of our products and services. That is why tips and ideas are welcome at all times.

” Teamwork is the key to succes”