1-10-2021 – Maria Girgis and Timo Bijnsdorp


History of Poisson d’Or

The whole idea of Poisson d’Or started at the end of the 1960s. That’s when the founding parents (the Vanwikenborne) became passionate about aquariums. At that time the offer was not what we know today, both in fish and in material. However it was possible to find some varieties in the few shops of the region.

The acquisition of a breeding aquarium was the first thing they had. After a while and one thing lead to another, the fish were sold to other enthusiasts. The demand for non-reproduced fish (the vast majority) led them to open their first 30m2 shop in the family home.

Hotel and decoration by CeramicNature
Hotel and decoration by CeramicNature


In 1977, a new step was taken with the opening of a new shop. This was located at the back of the existing shop. Further it had a surface of about 300 m2. This was at 31 rue Gustave Lepoutre in Mouscron. After various extensions the Poisson d’or moved in 1977, staying in Mouscron (rue de Comines, previous address).

After ten years of development of the activity ”Aquarium mail order and garden ponds” they found themselves again in the wrong place and decided to move.

During all these years, they have always been driven by the same passion for fish and aquatic animals.

In 2007 the space was running out in the rue de Comines premises, the number of customers was increasing and the setting up of a VPC service required larger premises. Therefore a project was being implemented for the construction of a building plus a greenhouse of 1250 m2 to house the garden pond sector.

From 2010 till now the company is expanding, quality, service and choice make Poisson d’Or one of the leaders in the European market.

Partnership with CeramicNature

There is good cooperation between Poisson d’Or and CeramicNature. The passion of this Belgian company and the handmade work with the best materials and the best quality of CeramicNature have made these two companies complement each other well and sell different products. Poisson d’Or sells various products, such as, ceramic products, ZissAqua goods and breeding caves.

CeramicNature shrimpsticks also sold by Poisson d'Or
CeramicNature shrimpsticks


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