Due to the rapid growth of web stores, the number of parcel shipments in the Netherlands has increased enormously in recent years. The huge increase in parcel shipments also has an impact on the environment, which is why we opt for recycled boxes. In this blog, you can read about how we approach this.


Recycled boxes

By recycling boxes instead of throwing them away, we can greatly reduce the effect on the environment. Every ton of reusable corrugated cardboard saves more than 20,000 liters of water, 2,026 km of fuel for trucks, more than 3 cubic meters of dumping capacity and 266 kg. air pollution. But what exactly is a recycled box? This can be an existing box from our suppliers, but also a box from a residual batch or an overproduction. It is a box that is still in good condition and can, therefore, be reused. In short, a sustainable solution for the preservation of our environment.

We take over the cardboard boxes from a company that they would normally throw away. The boxes are saved until a pallet is full and then we collect the boxes. In addition to taking over boxes, we also receive many boxes from people around us, which we then sort by thickness and size. If we cannot use the boxes, we will take them to a large paper plant where the boxes are recycled.

Reuse padding and packaging material

In addition to reusing cardboard boxes, we also use newspapers as packaging and stuffing material. We have approached all kinds of organizations that save newspapers for us so that we can use them when sending packages. It is certainly not the nicest solution, but we want to minimize the impact on the environment. With some packages we also use foam, air cushion or bubble wrap, this is all residual material from our suppliers and other companies. This is, therefore, all reused.

Recycled boxes – Bonny Groot

For us a small effort and much better for the environment!