1-10-2021 – Maria Girgis and Timo Bijnsdorp
Who is ZissAqua?

ZissAqua is a privately owned Korean company, based in Yongin Gyeonggi-do. The company was founded in 2014 and launched world first aquarium egg incubator at that year. One of their aims is to increase the joy and experience of having an aquarium as a hobby. They develop, produce and sell their aquarium goods all over the world. The company stills study and think about the best way of taking care of the aquarium, fish and plants.

Egg tumbler Ziss
Egg tumbler Ziss
Products they offer

ZissAqua Europe is a distributor of the company based in Korea. They sell aquarium goods like: egg tumblers, seed trays, filters and accessories.This goods are also rewarded with several awards worldwide for their innovative products.

The egg tumbler is a device that can imitate the brooding care of the parents. The cups of this devices are shaped in a way that the eggs never lie still and cannot be damaged. This reduces the chance of mold many times over, allowing many more eggs to hatch. On average, the hatching rate is around 97%.These beautifully designed and manufactured products are the best on the market. All products are made from the best materials.

ZissAqua’s spawning boxes are available in 3 different forms. The symbols “BL” and “GL” stand for the number of stainless steel mesh screens.  The integrated stainless steel mesh ensures that more fresh and oxygen-rich water enters the breeding tank. This allowing the fish to grow faster and achieve a better colour. An external air siphon on the side of the box creates an extra flow in the breeding box.

Breedingbox BL-2, BL-3 and GL-1
Breedingbox BL-2, BL-3 and GL-1

As well as being perfect for spawning young fish, the spawning box can also be used for different things. For example, breeding and cross-breeding shrimps, catching feed shrimps in marine aquaria and breeding viviparous fish.

In addition to the ZissAqua products, they also offer other breeding accessories.

Partnership with CeramicNature

CeramicNature is the official distributor of ZissAqua Europe.

ZissAqua aquarium products


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