Ammonia Block 3 in 1 pack

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Product details

  • A safe cycle for your aquarium
  • Removal of ammonia peak
  • Quick start for your quarantine or rearing aquarium
  • Peace of mind during your holiday


The ammonia block removes ammonia from aquarium water and works in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Lasts 10 to 12 weeks. Can be used in combination with other products.

Perfect for use when you go on holiday and someone else is feeding the fish.

Ideal for the start-up of the aquarium as it removes the ammonia peak.


Application: Add the round pods to the internal or external filters, in the chemical section. Rinse before use. Can be used in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Contents: 3 round pods

1 pod per 25 to 150 litres of aquarium water

2 pods per 150 to 350 litres of aquarium water

3 pods per 350 to 600 litres of aquarium water

Find all further explanations in our PDF explainers: RP Aquatics Nitrate Remover

Disposal: The pods can be disposed of in the household waste.

Find more information in our PDF explainers: RP Aquatics Nitrate Remover

1 review for Ammonia Block 3 in 1 pack

  1. Dave

    Amazing Product. Removes ammonia quickly and maintains zero levels until filtration catches up. Product lasts over 12 weeks. FANTASTIC to buy a product that removes Ammonia without using chemicals.

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