ZET-65 egg tumbler

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The ZET-65 “Egg Tumbler,” or as it is referred to in Dutch, “eiertuimelaar,” is a device that can mimic parental care for spawning fish. The cup of the ZET-65 is designed in such a way that the eggs never remain stationary and cannot be damaged. This greatly reduces the risk of mold, resulting in a much higher hatch rate. On average, the hatch rate of the ZET-65 is around 97%. It has an internal diameter of 65mm and can be used for the eggs of most cichlids, L-numbers, discus fish, angelfish, corydoras, etc. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.


These beautifully designed and crafted products are the best on the market and are made from the finest materials. The ZET-65 consists of a set with two or four suction cups for hanging, a Ziss air regulator, air tubing, and a Ziss air stone. The Ziss Aqua air stones can be disassembled for easy cleaning, making them last much longer than traditional air stones.


We offer four Egg Tumblers, differing only in internal diameter and height, while sharing the same functions and features. Also, check out our ZET-80, ZET-55, and ZET-E55 models.


Advantages of the ZET-65:
  • Can be used with very sensitive species.
  • Works extremely well, even in the early stages of egg development.
  • Applicable to species that lay a large number of eggs.
  • Embryonic development can be easily observed.
  • Damaged/rotten eggs can be easily removed by siphoning.
  • Flow rate is adjustable, allowing for softer or stronger currents with an adjustable tap. Shortens the breeding process for breeders.


Instructions for use:

Step 1) Thoroughly clean the device before use.

Step 2) Attach the support bracket with suction cups to the inside of the aquarium.

Step 3) Fill the tumbler with water.

Step 4) Place the fish eggs into the Egg Tumbler.

Step 5) Seal the tumbler with the lid.

Step 6) Remove any trapped air in the chamber and filter sponge.

Step 7) Adjust the flow to the desired speed using the adjustable tap.


Your egg tumbler is now ready for use.



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