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Banana leaves have many of the same properties as Catappa leaves. Such as the prevention of diseases. Banana leaves ensure more intense colours in fish. have preventative and healing properties. When used in aquaria, they provide good immunity for your shrimp. The leaves give off tannin and other elements to the water which improves the health of shrimps. Small shrimps like to hide and spend a lot of time in and around these leaves. Banana leaves also possess the following properties: fungicidal, bactericidal, helps to heal after infections, they can also be used as a biotope material Banana leaves are naturally used to treat water because of their unique properties.

Banana leaves are mostly used to improve shrimp tanks because they enrich water with missing substances such as organic compounds, due to their fungicidal, bactericidal properties; they also lower the pH of the water.

Over time, the leaves in the aquarium decay. The shrimps, crustaceans and snails make optimal use of this process and eat all the leaves. This promotes the natural nutrition of the animal.

Our banana leaves are 100% clean, dry and insecticide-free! Stored dry, our banana leaves have an unlimited shelf life.

The leaves are eaten by shrimps and invertebrates, enriching their diet. It is a natural product that is free from chemicals and pollutants. The banana leaves can also be used for decorative purposes.

Usage: Approx. 1 leaf per 40 litres of water (20 leaves per package).

Working time: 2-3 weeks

Dimensions: 3-6cm wide and 15-20cm high

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