Catappa bark tubes

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Catappa bark tubes are pieces of tree bark that has several positive properties but also just looks very nice in the aquarium or terrarium.


Catappa bark is often used in aquariums to provide natural tannins that mimic wild water and lower pH levels. They are also used for their antibacterial properties. Due to the thick bark, the substances will be released slowly, thus benefiting the animals for a tremendously long time (about 4 months). If you prefer something smaller with the same properties, then our catappa leaves are very suitable.


✓ Disease-fighting and healing effects.

✓ Lowers the PH value

✓ Long lasting effects


We recommend 1 piece of catappa bark for an aquarium of 75-100 liters.

Catappa bark can simply be left after it wears off. Shrimp, bottom fish and crayfish can then continue to enjoy the catappa bark as a hiding place.


Catappa bark tubes are pieces of bark from the sea almond tree. This tree grows best on a sandy bottom. The leaves are also called almond leaves because the kernel of the leaves resembles an almond nut. We know the leaves by the name Catappa leaves. Catappa has long been used in aquariums due to its disease preventing and healing effects.





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