Catappa leaves XL 10x

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Size Catappa leaves XL: 21-40cm

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CeramicNature catappa leaves (also known as Ketapang, Almond, Terminalia or sea almond tree leaves) are derived from the sea almond tree. These leaves are of A quality!


Catappa leaves reduce the pH, have an antibacterial effect, give the aquarium a natural look, enhance the colors of fish and shrimp, reduce stress, and prevent diseases in the aquarium.


Shrimp and lobsters like the catappa leaves very much, and the leaves are therefore an excellent supplement. Lots of small shrimps and lobsters gather on the tray for eating. The small animals always get enough food in this way.

Catappa leaves release a bacteria-resistant substance for 3 to 4 weeks.


Catappa leaves – fully grown, dried leaves of the tropical almond tree – provide numerous natural actives.

Catappa leaves have a slightly acidifying effect, stabilize the pH value and have an antibacterial effect.

They are rich in flavonoids, humic acids and tannins that are gradually released into the water and have a positive effect on the water and the inhabitants of aquariums.

Catappa leaves promote the well-being of the animals, reduce stress and prevent diseases.

The natural environment that is created stimulates cultivation.

The use of Catappa reduces the chance of fish eggs becoming moldy and the colors of the animals become more intense.

Shrimp, catfish (eg Ancistrus species and L numbers) and snails appreciate the leaves as a valuable dietary supplement.

The leaves are ideal for creating a natural environment in a newly started aquarium.

They are also a good supplement when you go on holiday, with a Catappa leaf in your aquarium you can be sure that your shrimp and catfish have enough to eat during your holiday.

The ripe leaves of the Terminalia Catappa are harvested, washed and dried directly from the tree, after which they are sorted by hand.

Our Catappa leaves are of a high quality and 100% safe for use in your aquarium.


The advantages of Catappa at a glance.

– Provides a reduction in the ph value

– Has an antibacterial effect

– Enhances the colors of fish and shrimp

– Works preventively against diseases in the aquarium.

– Reduces stress.

– Gives a natural look to your aquarium

Use: ca. 1 leave per 70 liter water (10 leaves per package).

Size: 21-40cm

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