Cholla wood

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Cholla wood comes from the cholla cactus which grows in Mexico. Cholla wood is very suitable for shrimps and other invertebrates. Cholla wood is full of natural nutrients. Shrimps are therefore often to be found with this piece of wood in the aquarium. Because it breaks down slowly, shrimps and other invertebrates can eat and nibble at it for a long time. Due to the holes and cavities in cholla wood, cholla wood is an excellent hiding place for shrimps. Cholla wood sinks to the bottom after a while, but this takes some time

Cholla wood (also called vuka wood) is not normal wood. It is the dried inner skeleton of a cactus that grows mainly in Mexico.

The openings, honeycomb structure and hollow interior of cholla wood make it an ideal hiding place for shrimps. It also contains many valuable nutrients that shrimps and invertebrates really appreciate! Because cholla wood breaks down slowly, the shrimps can enjoy it for a long time.

In addition, the cholla wood with its special shape is also a brilliant, natural eye-catcher for the aquarium! At first, the skeleton will float but it will sink to the bottom after being filled with water within a few days.

It comes from the desert in Mexico where it is harvested from the cholla cactus.


  • 10cm: 1.5-3cm wide and 10cm long
  • 15cm: 1.5-3cm wide and 15cm long

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