Lotus pods packed per 3

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Lotus pods Size

Contents: 3 pieces

The lotus pods give the water a brown color and are therefore also suitable for creating a blackwater biotope. It is a natural decoration for your aquarium, mimicking the natural environment of shrimp and fish.


The pods are full of tannins that have many positive effects and naturally lower the pH of the water. Also, these substances work antibacterial and stress reducing. The pods have several small burrows where shrimp can hide and find food. A beautiful, natural decoration for your aquarium that mimics the natural environment of shrimp and fish. Combine the pods with our pyramids and your shrimp will have plenty of hiding places where they will feel safe.

✓ Beautiful natural decoration

✓ Stress relieving

✓ Full of tannins



Before use, we recommend boiling the lotus pods for 40 minutes. While boiling, place a stone or other heavy object on the lotus pods. Finally, soak them in water overnight, again under a heavy object. This is to minimize the floating ability of the pods. It’s a bit of work, but your aquarium is guaranteed to have a beautiful, natural decoration after this.


The pods are part of the seed head of the plant (Nelumbo nucifera). The effects of pods in the aquarium can be compared to the effects of catappa products.



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