CN Slimline Rock Oxford Grey 50x65cm

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Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 50 × 65 × 2 cm

Product details

CN slimline back wall 50x65cm Oxford grey.

The CN Slimline series has been specially developed for easy installation and with a seamless overflow. The slimline back walls have a thickness of approximately 15mm and are available in 4 sizes and 2 colours.

The available sizes are:

  • 50x55cm
  • 50x65cm
  • 60x55cm
  • 60x38cm
CN Slimline Rock Oxford grey 50x65cm - 45286 Connection
CN Slimline Rock Oxford grey 50x65cm
CN Slimline Rock Colorado brown 50x55cm - 45283 Connection
CN Slimline Rock Colorado brown 50x55cm

The colours to choose from are Colorado brown and Oxford grey.

CeramicNature’s slimline back walls run seamlessly due to the special design. This allows you to extend the back walls endlessly. Each wall or part can easily be sawn by using a hacksaw. For all instruction videos check out CeramicNature’s Youtube channel.

In the production of the CN Slimline back walls each back wall is provided with a very strong and durable top layer that can withstand almost all circumstances.


Watch all instruction videos on our Youtube channel: CeramicNature Youtube channelĀ 

View the back walls here.

Available at more than 300 partners in Europe. See our partner page for a shop near you.


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