Guava leaves 15x

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Size Guava leaves: 10-15cm

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The leaves are the ideal supplement for freshwater shrimp and other invertebrate aquarium inhabitants. Guava leaves have antibacterial activity against worms, infections and bacteria that cause disease.


Guava leaves are known for their antibacterial properties and are a good, natural, food source for shrimp! Once the Guava leaves are placed in the aquarium, a sticky biofilm will form on the leaves over time. This biofilm provides a food supply that is available 24/7. The leaves of the plant are tougher and do not decay as quickly as Catappa leaves. For this reason, it is less often necessary to replace the leaves.

We recommend using the Guava leaves to prevent outbreaks of fibrosis in your aquarium. You will find that the natural tannin in these leaves slightly reduces the pH of the aquarium water. In addition, the tannins also help shrimp molt, maintain beautiful color and encourage breeding.

✓ Helps shrimp molt

✓ Antibacterial properties

✓ Natural food source



Boil the leaves for 10 to 15 minutes, let them cool and place them in the aquarium. The leaves then sink to the bottom fairly quickly. We recommend 1-2 leaves per 30 liters of water.

Remove uneaten leaves or remnants after a few days. Our leaves are 100% safe. Stored dry, the leaves have an unlimited shelf life.




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