Talawa wood

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60cm, 30cm, 50cm

Product details

Talawa wood size

30cm – Effective between 25 and 40cm

50cm – Effective between 45 and 60cm

60cm – Effective between 60 and 80cm

Talawa wood is a type of wood with a straight shape with branching at the end.


Our talawa wood is somewhat thinner and less coarse making it perfect for smaller enclosures. It is a natural product so each branch has its own appearance and is unique. By combining multiple branches you can make beautiful creations. You can also use wood to tie aquarium plants or mosses. When you use multiple branches it is also suitable as a hiding place. In addition to branches, use ceramic decorations such as our logs or horse heads.

✓ Ideal for aquascaping

✓ Create a natural look

✓ Less coarse, therefore easy to use in smaller enclosures.


When you place talawa wood in the water, the water may turn a bit brown but it does not release much humic acid. Therefore, you can soak or brush the wood clean before use. The wood may float in the early stages. You can prevent this by weighting the wood with a stone, for example, or soaking it, which we certainly recommend.


Good to know: sometimes mold forms in the initial phase, this is not harmful and will disappear by itself.


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