Talawa wood

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60cm, 30cm, 50cm

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Due to its straight but branched shape, Talawa wood is particularly suitable for aquascaping. If desired, the roots of Asian origin can be lined with moss or plants such as Anubias or ferns.

The root can be used in the aquarium or in a terrarium.

The wood may float and mold in the initial stages. The mold formation is not harmful to the aquarium and disappears on its own over time. Of course it is also possible to remove the mold with a brush. It does take some time for the wood to sink. It may be useful to weight it down for a while with a small stone.

The water may turn slightly brown at first, but very little humic acid is released. All other types of wood suitable for aquaristics release considerably more humic acid into the water.

Available sizes talawa wood:

  • <30 cm
  • 50cm
  • 60cm


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