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Caves round

We supply the round caves in 4 different sizes and

Caves medium D

Specialized in supplying handmade caves for aquariums. Suitable for plecos

CeramicNature Breeding caves

Caves rectangle

We supply rectangular caves in 3 different sizes and 2

Caves triangle

Specialized in supplying handmade caves for every aquarium and terrarium.

Leghol XXLarge

Caves XXLarge

Specialized in handmade pleco caves for aquariums and tropical fish.

CeramicNature terraces


The tarracces are available in 2 colors: Grey: 25x14cm. Brown:

Kam rocks

Kam rocks

The CeramicNature comb rocks have a beautiful natural look. The

Kam Gatic rocks

Available sizes: Kam gatic 03 grey or brown: 71x49x49cm Kam