Half Coconut shelter

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The half coconut shelter is a 100% natural shelter for small rodents, reptiles and amphibians. Also suitable for aquaria.


These leaves have a similar effect to catappa leaves but without the brown discolouration of the water.
Teak leaves contain tannins that are released into the water after adding the leaf.
These substances are disease-resistant and slightly lower the pH value.

It also takes a long time for teak leaves to decompose in the water. Where a catappa leaf decays after +- a month, a teak leaf takes +- 2 months.
In this way, you can benefit from leaves in various stages of decomposition in the water.
Shrimps eat the soft parts of the leaf and can thus be provided with food for a long time. Ideal for holidays.

100% Natural

Please note:
This leaf is a natural product. It is 100% natural which means that there may be some holes, cracks, breaks etc in it.
Each leaf is different, the sizes have been cut as much as possible, but some difference can occur.

Sizes: 8-12cm in diameter and 3-5cm high

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