Half Coconut shelter

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The half coconut is a natural hiding place for small rodents, reptiles, amphibians and fish. The half coconut also serves as a laying hole for egg-laying fish that love caves such as catfish. The half coconut has a small gate and the bottom is open. If you prefer a closed bottom then our Coconut ¾ are very fine.


The half coconut contributes to a tropical-natural atmosphere in your aquarium or terrarium. The rough finish on the outside keeps aquarium plants and/or mosses adhering well to the surface of the coconut. They are also used by small rodents. It is a nice place where they can really retreat and hide for a while.

✓ Contributes to a natural habitat

✓ Ideal hiding place

✓ Plants and mosses attach well


You can place the coconut in the aquarium and terrarium. The coconut will discolor the water a bit, you can reduce this by boiling it out first or soaking it in water for 2 days. The coconut is a natural product so it may vary in shape and size.


The coconut is actually not a nut but a drupe of the coconut palm. The fruit is contained in a green husk. This is removed after harvesting, after which the hairy coconut emerges.






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