Shrimp lolly mineral 10 pcs

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Shrimp lolly, The shrimpstick minerals are a delicious snack for shrimp. Place the stick in the substrate, and they will gather around the stick to graze on the minerals. The minerals adhere well to the stick, allowing the shrimp to enjoy them for a long time. The shrimpstick mineral is supplementary shrimp food. The minerals used for these shrimp sticks are 100% pure and natural.


By ingesting small amounts of minerals, the molting process in shrimp is supported, and a strong exoskeleton is built. Additionally, minerals and trace elements provide optimal support for coloring in the shrimp’s exoskeleton by enhancing the production of more pigment in the early stages.


In addition to supporting various processes in shrimp, these sticks purify the aquarium water. By adding clay minerals, which are negatively charged, impurities in the water are bound, so they no longer pose a threat to the shrimp. Additionally, there is a reduction in waste due to the minerals. Overall, the shrimp lolly minerals form a healthy and useful snack for your shrimp lolly. The lollipops will not change the water parameters such as gH, kH, and pH.


Approximately 1 stick per 50 shrimp, about once a week. It can remain in the aquarium until the feeding part of the stick is eaten. Note: This is supplementary shrimp food.


With the purchase of 20 shrimp sticks (5 of each type), you will receive a free display. Each package contains 10 sticks.

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  1. Timo

    Perfect fot shrimps!

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