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The teak tree can grow to a height of 40 metres in the tropics and originally grows in the monsoon forests of India and Myanmar. In the dry season, the tree loses its leaves to prevent evaporation and in the rainy season the tree blooms with exuberant clusters of fragrant, white flowers which are pollinated by bees.

Teak leaves have a similar effect to catappa leaves but without the brown discolouration of the water. It gives off disease-reducing substances and is an excellent food source for shrimps. Teak leaves contain tannins that are released into the water after adding the leaf. These substances are disease-resistant and slightly lower the pH.

It also takes a long time for teak leaves to decompose in the water. Where a catappa leaf decays after +- a month, a teak leaf takes +- 2 months. In this way, you can benefit from leaves in various stages of decomposition in the water. Shrimps eat the soft leaves and can thus be fed for a long time

The leaves of the Teak tree (Tectona grandis) have long been used in South Asia, particularly by breeders and keepers of tropical fish and shrimps, in the same way as the Catappa leaves. The Teak leaves are not very well known yet, mainly due to the fact that they are difficult to obtain. The leaves are also an excellent food for shrimp!

The teak leaves help with:

  • Bite injuries
  • Fungal diseases
  • The hardening of scales
  • Fin rot

The Teak leaves have a positive influence on the colours of the fish and they have very positive effects on strengthening the scales of the fish. They stabilise the PH level and serve as a natural antibiotic. The leaves also help in fat burning resulting in more muscles which makes your fish more athletic and agile.

Unlike Catappa leaves, Teak leaves do not cause a strong discoloration of the aquarium water. This makes teak leaves ideal for aquarists who want to benefit from the advantages of Catappa leaves but do not want to have a strongly discoloured aquarium water. In addition, the duration of the teak leaves is longer than that of Catappa leaves.

Teak leaf size: 15-20cm wide and 25-45cm high

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