Mulberry leaves 10x

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Size Mulberry leaves: 8-15cm

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Contents: 10 pieces

Mulbery leaves are ideal as supplemental food for freshwater shrimp and other aquarium invertebrates. Our Mulberry leaves are organically grown and air dried. This method of drying preserves all the nutrients in the leaf.


Mulberry leaves are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals and aid in molting. The carbohydrates and fiber make it a nutritious meal. The minerals present such as magnesium, iron and zinc help shrimp build their armor and molt. Still looking for other leaves? We have more leaves in our assortment such as catappa, guava, banana leaves etc.


✓ Organically grown

✓ Supplementary feeding

✓ Helps shrimp build up armor


Boil the leaves for 10 to 15 minutes, let them cool and place them in the aquarium. The leaves then sink to the bottom fairly quickly. The leaves can be kept indefinitely (when dried) and are packaged per 10. 1 leaf per 40 liters of water. The leaves can also be used as decoration in the aquarium and terrarium. Our leaves are 100% safe.



The leaves (also known as mulberry leaves) are leaves of the tree and is a descendant of the Mulberry family and is common in Southwest Asia. It is a tree with a large lush crown that reaches a height of 13-14 meters.




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