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Caves round

We supply the round caves in 4 different sizes and

Catappa bladeren

Suction cups 2x Ziss Aqua, spare parts

Catfish caves

The catfish caves are available in 4 sizes.  Catfish cave

Catappa leaves M 15x

Size Catappa M leaves: 15-20cm

Shrimp lolly algae/vegetable 10 pcs

The bee pollen shrimp lolly’s of Shrimps forever are a healthy


Shrimp lolly mineral 10 pcs

The shrimp lolly mineral coming from Shrimps forever is an entirely new

Shrimp lolly spinach 10 pcs

The spinach lolly’s of Shrimps Forever is a healthy snack for all

Shrimp lolly bee pollen 10 pcs

Shrimps forever shrimp lolly vegetable/algae are a healthy snack for all

Catappa leaves XL 10x

<p>Size Catappa leaves XL: 21-40cm</p>

Mulberry leaves 10x

Size Mulberry leaves: 8-15cm

Catappa leaves XL 25x

Size Catappa XL leaves: 21-40cm

Guava leaves 15x

Size Guava leaves: 10-15cm

ZB-300 moving bed filter

The ZB-300 is an air-powered aquarium filter that provides clean,

Caves rectangle

We supply rectangular caves in 3 different sizes and 2

BL-3 breedingbox

The breeding boxes of Ziss Aqua are available in 3